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Refund Policy

“OneresolveWeb" has urbanized this return stratagem to

  • Depict the state of affairs when “OneresolveWeb” will issue a return,
  • The procedure for disclosing a return against the cope and
  • The tasks of “OneresolveWeb” apt to a cope implementation in a return disclosing.

Coverage & Scope

This return stratagem contains “OneresolveWeb” action of operating cost by “OneresolveWeb". This return stratagem does not be relevant to the techniques of companies that “OneresolveWeb" does not possess or manage, or of populace that “OneresolveWeb" does not apply or manage, such as any third-party assistance and/or item providers restricted by bonds and any third-party websites to which "OneresolveWeb" websites web link.

Filing a complain

We enormously deem that every venture is begun with an aim to get a meticulous assistance and/or item. Return is a last alternative that you may like to take when aspects are absolutely not effecting out and you have developed all feasible actions of quietly working out an equally apt solution. Therefore we will like to comprehend if we can achieve an obliging and jointly appropriate solution. If you are aggravated for any objective which has began to pc computer file a return announce, please take out a while and contract to us at info@oneresolveweb.com to begin a discussion before announcing a return. Every return disclosing must only be certified if the typical contract process is not able or if you are not contented with the outcome.

Eligibility for refund

“OneresolveWeb" wants every project (based on the assistance and / or item and/or online training) very acutely and make sure that the same is handled in a conversant way and the customer gets the result as per our assertion to him. However, if you are not pleased with the outcome and have gone through the conversation top quality procedure, we do entertain return desires as per the following agenda which clearly details the alternatives and our return stratagem appropriate with assistance, thereof.


100% return if alternatives have not began after signing up. 100% return is suitable after subtracting the assistance expenses. Once alternatives have been begun then no return will be issued.

Risk Identification, evaluation and Management

Full return if venture has not been begun or if the preliminary road map for the venture is not accepted. If we don't be victorious to proffer as per our obedience strategy after the preliminary receiving, then we will issue some degree of return as per the amount of implement completed /pending. If we have finished the venture and provided the set up assessment, no operating cost will be launched.

  • Technical/Scheme/Certificate Expansion
  • No operating cost once performed it is begun after getting the consent
  • Applicability of the Distribution Policy
  • Please perceive that “OneresolveWeb" compliance promise is subject to:

Timely payments: A venture is not considered to be begun if the accepted / precise expenses are not evident.

Timely connections from the client: We are not restricted to reverence our Distribution Plan, if required details are not communicated to us in reliable groundwork. Any holdup arriving up out of such situation cannot be associated to “Oneresolveweb ".

Completeness of details offered by the client: In scenario, it is acknowledged that the facts accessible to us is partial and/or complete information/scope of the project (service and product) is not obtainable at the commencement of the project, OneresolveWeb is not restricted to uphold its compliance responsibilities.

Limitation of Liability

“OneresolveWeb" liability is restricted to the worth of the facet of the project (as per “OneresolveWeb" proposal) which seems to be fractional at any given facet of your power and endeavor. At any facet of your power and attempt, “OneresolveWeb" cannot be keep accountable for problems improving out of the alternatives offered / not offered or the holdup in the same.


OneresolveWeb may whenever you want, devoid of notice to you and in its only interest, amend this stratagem every now and then. Please assess this stratagem without fail. Your incessant use of “OneresolveWeb" websites after any such changes symbolizes your approval thereof.

Contacting us regarding our come back policy

If you have issues or suggestions about this return stratagem please e-mails us at info@oneresolveweb.com


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